The scorned woman

“Up here boy” attaching his leg to the top of the headboard such that his leg was now above his head and spread open. “Right leg now.” attaching his other leg to the opposite corner of the headboard. “You bitch I wanted my legs down there, its uncomfortable in this position.” Peter commented. “You are to be punished, and for speaking out of turn you are to be gagged.” I placed a ball gag in his mouth with some resistance, which only proved to show how good the restraints were working.I then blindfolded him and left the room.The look in his eyes when the blindfold went on told me that he had realized the situation he was in and he is to be punished. After I had left the room closing the door loudly for effect.I just sat in the passageway thinking what I had got myself into, all the good times we had had together and all the sex.When we first moved in together we made love in every room in the house and the garden in the first week alone.By the time the first month was over we had made love in every room in the house in four different positions.He once got me to shave my pussy, did that itch when I let the hair grow back.Oh yes and he once got his dick up my ass, he said it was a mistake as he was aiming for my pussy.Rubbish he had plenty of practice and never misses.He knows from my reaction that it hurt and never asked me to take it up the ass again. I would have let him and probably liked it if he had done it properly.I think it was because I refused to suck his cock for nearly a week after that incident that made him realize I was in charge.A week was as long as I could stand without taking his dick in my mouth I love the feeling of power when I have his balls in my hands so to speak. Now I know what his punishment will be! He was not a violent man, he still loved me, and if he did get violent when I tried to remove the cuffs, I would bring some friends round who would find his predicament very amusing and get me out of it. I found an old towel a pair of rubber gloves, scissors and some hair removing cream.I marched into the bedroom without saying a word, I quickly placing the towel under his ass, due too his position this was easy.I pulled the crutch of his underpants down cutting through it with the scissors, pulling the waste band up to his chest and around his nipples.Exposing his now fully erect cock.His cock was average in size about 6 inches long and quite thick, his foreskin completely cover his gland.With the rubber gloves on I applied the hair removing cream all around his pubic area, between his legs, around his ass and both balls.I made no contact with his hard cock but did enjoy massaging the cream into his balls. I then removed some cloves from my closet and left the room without speaking.Just as I was leaving the room the reality dawned on him what I was doing! The cream needed 20 minutes to work so I watched him from the passageway.I started to laugh at the notion and how he would explain this in the changing rooms after Soccer and what excuse he would give his new girlfriend.Hearing me laugh only made him struggle against his restraints.This made me laugh even more.This was probably the first time I had laughed since he had left.Revenge is sweet I thought. I slowly got changed removing my old jeans, tee shirt and big knickers.I put on a clean black Thong, a short black skirt and a close fitting white tea-shirt. Then I put on my white calf length leather boots with the pointed toes, Peter loved these. No bra, my small but perfectly formed tits could hang free.Peter use to say I had perfectly formed tits to cheer me up.I am very self confident of my 34 B cup breasts and big ass.Peter use to say it is the bit in the middle that matters and he could really make me wet when he sucked my nipples. 20 minutes had now passed it was time to clean him up so to speak. I entered the bedroom with the gloves and the plastic tool that came with the cream.I used the plastic tool to scrap of the cream this left a smooth hairless finish.I held his dick by the tip of his foreskin as I started to scrap his balls clean, this gave him an instant erection.I let go of his dick when it did not require holding upright anymore.His balls look very different without that mass of hair around them but they look very sore.I removed the mess and the towel.I then felt a little sorry for him so I applied some moisturizing cream to his now bald cock and balls.This really got him wound up he was trying his best to get me to touch his cock, which was by now throbbing with excitement.I naturally avoided all contact with it he could suffer some more. I then fetched one of the vibrators from the box, a small white one about 4 inches long and about half an inch in diameter.I switched this on surprisingly the batteries had not run out the vibrator worked OK but made a horrible whining noise which was enough to put any girl of unless she was really desperate.I Slowly ran the head of the vibrator around the base of his dick and both balls.He really like this sensation and was getting even more aroused, I could see pre cum coming from the end of his cock. “Do you like that then boy,” I finally broke my silence. He grunted into his gag and nodded his head. “Good then you will love this bit” I then started to slowly move the vibrator down the section of skin from his balls to his ass hole.As I reached his ass hole I circled the vibrator twice around his rim then with a firm amount of pressure pushed the vibrator straight up his ass leaving just the base visible. “Grunt” came the reply. “See how you like it up your ass then” Obviously he did as his breathing was very heavy and was now reeling against his cuffs and very close to cumming.With the vibrator whining away up his ass, I started to use the pointed toe of one boot to stroke his cock, which was enough to bring him finally to an orgasm.It was a big one I watched in fascination as his cock erupted throwing spurt after spurt of cum high into the air covering his chest and belly. I quickly removed the vibrator, ball gag and blindfold allowing him time to recover. “Fucking Hell babe that was brilliant, one of the best jacks I have had for years” he was finally able to speak. “You are the best” I now had one problem and it was a big one, after all that excitement I was seriously horny very wet and needed to cum and soon. I undid his cuffs that chained his legs to the headboard.Re-cuffing his legs with the help of some rope to the base of the bed, such that he was spread eagled. I then got the other vibrator out of the box, which was black about 6 inches long and about one inch in diameter.The batteries were still good on this one as well.I positioned this vibrator in Peter’s mouth such that he could hold it with his teeth.I then lifted my skirt up around my waste and moved the now damp thong to one side, I rubbed the tip of the vibrator up and down my very wet slit.Peter was just able to hold the vibrator still and in the right place so I could get maximum pleasure against my pussy lips. I slowly rub my clit with the middle finger of one hand while stroking and pulling my nipples through my tee shirt with the other.My skirt had completely covered Peter’s face by now, but he was enjoying himself.It was now that I could have done with Peter’s hands free to pleasure more of my body.As I was lifting my hips up to get the vibrator onto my lower pussy lips Peter managed to insert the tip of the vibrator into my pussy, it easily slid all the way in my very wet and eager hole as I lowered my body.Peter let go of the base and started to use his tong to lick my clit that I had now pushed into his face.He took my extended bud into his mouth and held it gently between his teeth.This was the final stimulation I needed to hit an orgasm.My orgasm was a big one as I reeled around on his face, starting in my clit and then into my whole body, that left my legs like jelly and unable to move trapped on Peter’s face with the vibrator working away still deep inside my hole. It took me a few minutes to be able to climb of Peter’s face then remove the vibrator.This had added to the power of the orgasm making it longer and more intense than normally, Peter had continued to suck my very sensitive clit while I was impaled on his face giving me that feeling somewhere between pleasure and pain. I rested on the bed looking at Peter while I recovered. “What now babe,” Peter broke the silence. “Oh I have finished punishing you,” I replied.“I will untie you now if you wish as long as you do not hurt me and you can leave with your box.” “Oh well I am not ready to go yet, I will never hurt you,” Peter said. “Then I will fuck you brains out while I still have you captive,” I said. “What have I done to deserve two great fucks in one day,” Peter commented. “If you ever cheat on me again you will loose more than you bush, do you understand, “ I shouted.In anger I scooped up what was left of his cum from his belly and deposited it into his mouth. “Now swallow”.He did gulping as it went down. “I understand,” he said sheepishly. I had removed all my cloths and knelling at the end of the bed. I started to lick between his legs around his ass hole up to his balls.I took each ball into my mouth and sucked intensely on them, they felt much better without his pubes around them and judging by his reactions much more sensitive.His dick started to get erect I started to lick between his balls along his cock to his foreskin he was now fully erect and ready to go again.I pulled his foreskin down and took his bell end into my mouth I worked my tong around the head of his cock.He always loved this, by now he was loosing all control his bell end is very sensitive when his foreskin is pulled back especially under his pee hole.I would have happily sucked him off but I wanted his cock deep inside me. I was in a sexual frenzy from my last ogasum and still wet.I stood up, got onto the bed and straddled him with my legs on his chest my hands on the bed between his legs.With my legs together I had a tight hold on his cock, which was now filling my hole nicely.In this position his dick was riding up the front wall of my virgina stimulating my G spot. I slowly rode up and down on his cock as much as I could because of the position.He was moving his ass up as much as he could to meet my every stroke.It was not long before he orgasmmed noisily filling my eager hole with hot sticky cum.I continued riding him while his cock slowly softened inside my pussy milking every last drop out of his balls.Fortunately my orgasm soon followed although not as intense as the last one it still shook my whole body leaving me content and satisfied. I rested a while still on top of Peter, then, I slowly got up washed in the bathroom and got partly dressed. Going back into the bedroom I removed the cuffs holding Peter to the bed.He stood up then kissed me passionately. “Cup of tea,” I asked? “Yes please,” he replied. “Well get it made then, I am not doing all the hard work today,” I said “and cover your cock up its no use to me now is it.” On that comment he left the room. I shouted after him “it’s a pity you did not have a double headed dildo in the box, we could have ass fucked each other.” “I will get one from the Internet, if that is a promise,” He replied. And that will be another story!;area=summary;u=24107

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